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Your Dream Job is Out There Right Now,
Looking for You.

We Can Have Them Call You Today.

Your happiness is directly linked to an exciting career that pays you well.

But it's a jungle out there. The job market is wild and intimidating. You need a guide to lead you through the confusion, one with a proven system that has secured incredible opportunities for hundreds of others just like you. At Resume Safari, that's our chosen profession. If you are now ready to seek out an excellent new career, please read on...

Resume Safari helps you find the perfect vocation, and we've developed a remarkable new system that works. Simply send us your resume, and we'll take it from there.

We Target YOU with Precision

Tell us your preferred industry or job function, and we'll match you with the top recruiters searching desperately for YOUR skill set right now. No time is wasted, and no potential recruiter left untapped.

We Distribute Your Resume Immediately and Effectively

Our special automated distribution system will rapidly place your resume in the inbox of our exclusive network of recruiters and employers. They number in the 1000s. We get you in front of them in only minutes.

You Get Results

We give you the results you demand. (Isn't that what it's all about?) With Resume Safari you'll see results in a matter of days or even less, so YOU can move up your career ladder that much more quickly.

"So far, in less than a week, I have received 5 phone calls, 5 mail responses, and well over a hundred notices of receipt. One job interview scheduled for Saturday, another possible next week, maybe more if I can catch the other 3 people in this game of phone tag , Thanx " - Jerry

The Resume Safari System
Highly Sophisticated Results in 5 Easy Steps

1. You give us your preferred career fields (choose from 3 to 6!)
2. We rapidly cross-reference your interests with our giant database of hot recruiters
3. You send us your resume, and we custom-format it to work within our system (it's never re-written or changed)
4. We fire out a personal email to each key recruiter with your resume attached
5. You start receiving calls and letters from potential employers, and go for it!

That's all it takes to grab the chance to double your salary, do something you love, move to the location of your dreams (or ALL of the above).


Realize YOUR Potential
Sign Up with Resume Safari Now

Be pro-active - rather than hope to stumble across something in the newspaper or through a free listing service, take control and give yourself every opportunity. See who's searching for you NOW so that dream job doesn't pass you by!

Maximize your income - right now you could be making much more money doing exactly the same job! Resume Safari has helped hundreds of others get a big jump in salary. That job might be right down the street, but you must know about it to get it. We can help you get the raise you deserve now!

Act today - as soon as we get your resume we'll go to work for you, pushing hard to find you the best career opportunities available. You may get calls from top recruiters within hours.

Think globally - the recruiters we work with are literally around the world, and sometimes the big salaries out there are hard to turn down! Want to focus on a specific geographic region? We give you that option, too.

You're being cost-effective - think about how much it would cost you in $$ (and time!) to mail out hundreds of copies of your resume and make dozens of calls across the country. (Our service is like having a team of personal headhunters working for YOU at a fraction of the cost.)

The Resume Safari system is 100% win-win. YOU get in front of thousands of interested recruiters, and the recruiters get a focused group of qualified job seekers. They're happy. You're happy.

Find out now how many thousands of recruiters are looking for YOU

Sign on today with Resume Safari.
Let us make the jungle work for you!


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